Chicken Squash

Much of this blog will be to discuss my tick borne illnesses, treatment progress, and the fact that my chickens eat ticks and keep me from getting even sicker. Chickens could help many more people prevent tick bites in their own homes and prevent people from suffering as I have suffered. (I personally got chickens too late after I was already ill). But chickens can also provide us with other entertainment.

In addition to eating ticks, chickens love pumpkins. What better day to share these photos than the day after Halloween. And if you are worried that eating pumpkins will keep the chickens from eating ticks? Never fear! Chickens bellies are never full!!!!! They always have room for more when they come across tasty ticks and bugs in their travels.

img_4847 img_4861 img_4886 img_4824 img_4822 img_4987 img_5050

If you have pumpkins left from Halloween you don’t intend to cook with, why not consider donating them to a flock of tick eaters near you before they rot.

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