Guess I’ll Go Eat Worms! (And If You Have Sticky, Thick Blood You Should Too!

I warned you all I teach young children right? Well, when I was a kid, We used to sing a song:

Nobody Loves Me,
Everybody hates me.
Guess i”ll go eat worms.
Long tall skinny ones,
Short Fat Juicy Ones,
Guess I’ll go eat Worms.

(I know a bunch of you will now be singing this all day. I did warn you!) Anyway, then there was the book How to Eat Fried Worms, which later became a movie. Well, recently, I discovered that unbeknownst to me, I’ve been eating worms! I laughed so hard because this tune began playing in my head. And even better, THE WORMS HAVE BEEN WORKING!!!! They are helping to fix my thick blood!!!! My labs are improving!! But now I’m showing you my fuzzy brain and jumping right into the middle. First I have to go backwards….

So I’ve seen about 30 doctors (I’ve lost track of the exact count) They pretty much all do bloodwork. And for the 9 years I’ve had these infections, some parts of my bloodwork are always the same. I have a huge binder full of tests. Many of them are the same tests over and over with little changes in the results. it’s always seemed a little ridiculous. Some of them ignore these labs. One amazing soul of a Doctor even tried to fix it. Some sent me to hematologists, who then pretended not to know what was wrong. not to understand the labs.

In all these years ill some numbers changed very little. My white cells and my platelets are always high, the average size of my red blood cells are always low, my hemoglobin is usually low, if the Doc orders a lipid panel, my cholesterol numbers are alarmingly high. As if I eat nothing but a horrific high cholesterol diet, which has never been true.
Doctors acted baffled.
After years, when I finally was diagnosed with all these tick born pathogens and viruses, I figured some of it out of course. As did some of the doctors. But they didn’t really try.
I guess I could have tried harder.
It wasn’t really buried that deep.
I took “biofilm busters” knowing lyme and some of my other bugs made biofilms to protect themselves from the immune response and antibiotics. I began to suspect that the insanely high cholesterol numbers could be biofilm. I took serrapeptase, A proteolytic enzyme. None of these numbers got better…
None of the docs mentioned the words “thick” or “sticky Blood” Not even the 3 hematologists I saw. My first LLMD gave me a clinical diagnosis of babesia in addition to my other tick illnesses. we treated it. After I treated it with herbs myself. I learned that bebesia causes thick sticky blood. But I didn’t dig deeply enough. I didn’t know how it was all connected.
I urge you, if you have thick sticky blood or clotting issues, or high cholesterol that doesn’t match your life style and diet, or high platelets, look into thick blood. And find a doctor who wont ignore it like all of mine did (did I mention 3 of the 30 were even hematologists?).

You can read more about sticky blood (Hypercoagulation) by looking at the work of Dr. Anne Corson. I especially recommend her Better Health Guy Hypercoagulation Podcast here: as it is so packed with good information. Don’t let your doc ignore this either, like mine did. I had no idea how many symptoms I can attribute, at least in part, to my hypercoagulation.

I’ve wiggled away from the worms. Sorry. So, I meet my new Lyme Literate Nurse Practitioner about 3 months ago. She does bloodwork nobody has ever done. She was so concerned about my thick blood that she was afraid I would get a blood clot and die. The first batch of bloodwork came in showing all the things that are always wrong with my Complete Blood Counts. She also did a D dimer. This test measures fibrinogen in your blood. Mine was quite high. Platelets still high. Inflammatory markers high. I really can’t stress how worried she was. Evidently, serrapeptase didn’t help. She also didn’t ask about my cholesterol or comment on previous tests. But, i’m sure she saw as she is very thorough. She was really very concerned once she saw all these labs. Then I started digging deeper and got worried too.
Luckily, I am finally in good hands. And she didn’t just worry and do nothing. She took action. She called in the worms!!!! (I’m sorry, I just think it’s so funny and I can’t stop giggling). She put me on an enzyme that I admit is pricey, but she said it was worth it. called lumbrokinase. Specfically buluoke. Among all the other things she’ prescribed for me, I take this twice a day away from all food and meds and herbs.
After one month, she did some labs, and would you believe my d dimer (the fibrinogen in my body) has come down so far that it is close to dropping back into the normal range!!!!What a difference this made so very very quickly!!!! I wanted to know what this amazing stuff was, so I searched. I found the Townend Letter on Lumbrokinase (Please read it here. It’s quite good and I literally started laughing out loud when I saw what they are! Earthworms!

Nobody loves me…
Everybody hates me…
Guess i’ll go eat worms…

That was a month ago. After I stopped laughing I posted about it on my social media and invited all my thick blooded friends to eat some earthworms with me. I invite you to as well. Because they are amazing. They balance the systems, which is always my favorite way to treat anything by properly balancing it.
it’s now been another month. I didn’t have a d dimer at this month’s labs. But my platelets have returned to just 5 points above normal. My lipid panel wasn’t checked but I’ll be eating my worms and asking for the lab to be included next month.

I like making my own medicines. I checked, and I can’t make this, it requires a lab. It’s too bad because we have so many big fat juicy worms here. I could make so much. I’ve nicknamed them “Minnewaska Worms”

I’m angry with the 30 some other doctors who ignored this stuff. or pretended to be confused. It shouldn’t have been a big mystery. It seems clear cut even to my lay brain now that I know what I know.
Babesia wasn’t all that was increasing my platelets, though most Docs wouldn’t even admit that much. According to Dr. Corson, platelet activation can be a sign of viral infection. Yup. I have many of those. It can be the pro inflammatory cytokines produced by white blood cells attacking infections. I had lots of those. Even extra white cells and inflammatory procytokines. The high lipid panels, the infections, It wasn’t rocket science. And it wasn’t even hard for my current Practitioner to start moving it in the right direction.
In less than a month, with the help of the worms, she began healing it.

I thank you, earthworms for this lovely healing enzyme you provide and I sing your praises far and wide in children’s tunes. And I thank the LLNP who didn’t ignore the dangers, or the simple puzzle pieces that she easily put together properly.

And I hope everyone who needs them starts eating some worms.

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